The Company Guerrato Spa is a consolidated firm which entered into the Italian market on 1935. Our goals are: adaptability, flexibility and rapidity. Discover more General Contractors General Contractors Sole interlocutor and responsible for the entire realization process. Discover more Project Financing Project Financing We create infrastructure not using the Client's financial resources. Discover more Facility management Facility Management Maintenance activities on third-party real estate assets. Discover more Progettazione integrata Integrated design Integrated design of all aspects of implementation. Discover more Special plants and civil works For personal safety and the environment. Discover more Alternative energy R&D For the production of electricity, heat and cold. Discover more
  • Via Gioacchino da Fiore, 15 • 65127 - Pescara (PE) • ITALY
  • Viale delle Industrie, 8 - 45100 Rovigo (RO) - ITALY

Who we are

Guerrato Spa is a consolidated firm which entered into the Italian market on 1935.

Our mission

To grant the maximum availability of all building’s facilities.

Guerrato in the world

Present in three continents.
About us

Adaptability, flexibility and rapidity

The goals that Guerrato reached all over the years are: adaptability, flexibility and rapidity.
The organization which grants those performances is the result of continuous improving, awareness about problems and optimizations despite difficult and ever changing environment conditions which characterize facility management and installations.
Facility Management
Renewable energies
Project Financing
For more details contact the following: +39 085.2044963 or +39 0425.47.31.11

85 years of experience


Innovative and technologically advanced solutions.

Guerrato acts within a business segment that, during times, strongly modified overall expectations, widening step by step the perimeter and asking for more and more prompt responses looking for innovative and technologically advanced solutions.
Certified Quality

Quality, Environment, Health&Safety Integrated System

Real quality which grants traceability, processes and responsibilities’ monitoring, aiming to the maximum client’s satisfaction.
Mission Values

To design and to make plants and technologies usable within a symbiotic context with the building, continuously improving by research and discoveries, in each specific scientific field (project financing and global service).

Quality of life and relationships by carrying out its activities in compliance with mandatory and voluntary environmental, health and safety, ethics, energy regulations, producing facilities and services pursuing the principle of sustainable development.

General objectives:

  • Focusing on the Customer, monitoring its degree of satisfaction, improving the quality of services and products provided, the timing of implementation and after-sales service;
  • Organize company processes with a view to continuous improvement;
  • Promote in the design phase the search for the best technical solutions and the use of the most suitable and economically feasible technologies, to ensure the prevention of environmental risks, energy saving and efficient use of resources;
  • To guarantee reliability in the use of the supplied equipment, with particular attention to Medical Devices, through continuous updating;
  • Support the procurement of energy-efficient products and services.

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Commercial offices

Via Gioacchino da Fiore, 15 (Ingr. A)
Via Armando Caldora, 4 (Ingr. B)
65127 - Pescara (PE)

Operating offices

Viale delle Industrie, 8
45100 Rovigo (RO)

Phone contact

Commercial offices +39 085.2044963

Operating offices +39 0425.47.31.11

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