“S. Camillo De Lellis” Hospital – ASL Rieti

Ospedale di Rieti

Construction of the Covid 19 Department

  • "S.Camillo De Lellis" Hospital - ASL Rieti
  • First Aid extension - consisting of 3 wards and 1 stabilization room (each equipped with dedicated toilets)
  • New heating cooling unit with installation of 1 55 kWf heat pump type water cooling unit and 1 fully renewed air handling unit of 3,500 m3 / h;
  • Extraction system made with 2 extractors of 4,500 m3 / h each with thermal recovery section and absolute filtration made by installing canisters with H14 filter;
  • Internal aeraulic distribution in delivery and return with motorized dampers of the VAV type on the return units, manual calibration dampers / hydronic post heating coils / high induction twist diffusers with sealed plenum and absolute filtration on the delivery units;
  • Normal and emergency lighting system with sealed lamps;
  • Power distribution system including 1 power supply QEG and 2 QE with isolation transformers;
  • Regulation system with dedicated QE with pressure control;
  • Nurses call facility;
  • F. and p.o. of 3 bed head beams on the wall and 1 bed head beam of the suspended type;
  • CCTV system;
  • Smoke detection systems;
  • EVAC system;
  • Data transmission system with cat.6 certification;
  • Sanitary water system with distribution of the manifold type for n. 5 toilets.
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