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General Contractor

The more complex a big project is, the wider and more complete must the engineering, analytical skills and management control of operating processes be.

From input data collection, to planning and scheduling of execution time and expense, from market checks to the negotiation for the purchase of the necessary "resources", from executive management of Worksites to their monitoring and final testing, the whole of the specific activities of GENERAL CONTRACTOR are synthesized in GUERRATO S.p.A., confident in taking the position of exclusive counterpart, responsible for the entire executive project.

Since 70s the company has been working internationally in these Areas:

Answers to necessity of strengthening a partnership, both with the Public and with the Private, which gives:
Develops the project up to the executiveAdvance Payment
Area AcquisitionEntrustment Process Management
Prospect/Construction WorksTesting
Civil Engineering
Various Clients had given a positive feedback with the confidence, conferred to the Company's capability and organizational structure. GUERRATO S.p.A., also in important international contexts, achieved the opportunity to offer complete products, perfectly aligned with the best performances and expectations.