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Facility Service

Facility service

The outsourcing of the Management Activities of the Real Estate - from the housing development to the industrial and hospital plants - and of all the Services related to their operation, is included in a evolutionary path of the organizational models oriented to a consensual transformation of the companies into thinner, more efficient Companies, defined Business Networks.

In this process the FACILITY SERVICE is also included, a discipline which responds to the market needs, in order to increase the possibility to delegate third specialized Companies, through the outsourcing of the activities, not directly connected to its own business.

Thanks to several agreements in its Portfolio, Guerrato has been improving and testing different organizational and management models, replying to the various specifications requested, while preserving intact, however, two success keystones:

costs certainty and optimizationtransparency and flexibility
Costs certainty and optimization

Guerrato focuses his attention on the relationship between performance/cost, looking for its optimization, through long-term visions management projects, where total aspects of the Building/Plant System, energy consumption, maintenance and handling, are studied during the whole period of their functional life cycle.

Neither a unique capacity to contract, nor a simple organizational ability, but a knowledge, learned by direct experience of the technical and service processes, of machines and dealers network, of materials and structures, of efficiency and optimization of spaces, allow Guerrato to assume every risk related to variation, over time, of the cost of the managed goods.

Transparency and flexibility

The evolution in the relationship, towards an authentic Partnership, is actually ordered in performance contracts, based on goal sharing and on the effective measurability of the obtained results.

Energy saving and efficiency, readaptation of workers and investments, often with self-financing, high level Services are commitments that Guerrato accepts together with the constant integrated monitoring of the Real Property entrusted.


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