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Alternative Energies

Alternative Sources of Energy

With decades of experience in cogeneration and energy savings and operating in a World, even closer to those principles set out in the Kyoto Protocol, it had been a logical consequence, for Guerrato, to strongly look for ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF ENERGIES (such as SOLAR ENERGY, using photovoltaic power systems) to produce electric energy, heat and cold.

Moreover, maintaining a strong connection with optimization and integration of systems, Guerrato has always been proud to achieve a correct management of the renewable energy sources, also inside complex engineering structures' installations.

Guerrato proposal, for the environmental technologies and renewable energies segment, as for the other operational sectors, can include designing, the research of funding, the realization, plants management and maintenance.
solar thermalphotovoltaic power systemsgeothermal
liquid biofuelswoody biomass for district heating networkscogeneration biogas produced by anaerobic digestion of biomass plants, livestock sewage wastes, slaughterhouses, dairies and distilleries renderings

Features and services of GUERRATO's plants:

The energy produced by BIOGAS installations, offers a suitable alternative to all fossil fuels. Using biogas in cogeneration to generate electric energy and heat for industry or district heating.

A biogas plant of 1 MW of electric power, produces about 8 GWh of electric energy, corresponding to the consumption of 1000 families.

The sale of Renewable Energy Certificates, electric energy and heating, produced with biogas installations gives to the Agricultural Holdings, the possibility to receive high profits.


Caracteristics and services of Guerrato's plants
Separation and optimization of different management stagesPossibility to integrate dehydrators and/or nitrogen reduction systems
Complete and continuous biomass mixingBureaucracy compilation assistance
Biomass and solid fraction recirculation Post-installation assistance
Methane efficiency up to 80%