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Business Areas: Hospital Facilities and Project Financing

Guerrato S.p.A. operates in a market sector (hospital facilities, project financing, etc.) which, over the years, has considerably modified its own expectations, gradually intensifying its area of interest and looking for quicker and more fitting answers, directly oriented to innovative and technologically advanced solutions.

Efficiency of the process, research and development, know-how aimed to excellence and to pro-activity have become the main aspects in Guerrato's organization, which has made executive interpretation through operational and managerial structures, in a matrix approach, able to exceed the conventional and functional hierarchical tightening for the flexibility, that can only be granted, working with processes of competence. Moreover, Guerrato S.p.A. is specialized in the sector related to Hospital Facilities.

This organizational structure and its consolidated behavioural model, based on Communication and in Customers' Satisfaction Goal Sharing, represent for Guerrato, the essential elements that found the quality, actually given to, and perceived by, its Customers and considered as a qualifying and integral part of the Company's potential, on the market.