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La Tribuna di Treviso - Sunday, February 13th 2011

Hospital, tomorrow the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The President of Veneto Region Mr. Luca Zaia and the Bishop of Treviso. Gianfranco Agostino Gardin.

MONTEBELLUNA (TV). Tomorrow morning, after two years from the beginning of works, in the day of the anniversary, it will be opened the San Valentino's Hospital, specifically the inpatient ward, because the full program includes the demolition of other facilities and the realization of two buildings, inside the project financing with Asolo Hospital Service S.p.A.. Tomorrow at the ceremony at 11.00 a.m., there will be the President of Veneto Region Mr. Luca Zaia, the Bishop of Treviso, Gianfranco Agostino Gardin, the Manager of Local Health Unit no. 8, Mr. Renato Mason. Inside the new hospital already in activity, since the end of January, there have been transferred all the inpatient wards. With the entrance in the new structure, it has been introduced also a new inpatient method based on the intensity of care. This improve above all the medical area, in which beds are reserved concerning the level of assistance required by the patient, respecting the highest standards of hospital management. Additionally to this innovative organization, it is added the activation of a centralized day-surgery, which allows the assumption of all types of patients, orthopedics, ophthalmic, gynecological and surgical that overcome all limitations related to the previous subdivision of the day surgery of the old facility. The huge advantage of subdivision divided per homogeneous areas, is visible within the structure of the mother-child department, at the 4th floor of the inpatient ward. The remarkable point of the mother-child department is the coplanarity with pediatrics, neonatal pathology, obstetrics and gynecology. Located on the same floor, those departments allows to answer both the assistance and humanization needs. In case of emergency, the pediatrician and the gynecologist can quickly provide their knowledge. Moreover, if the newborn baby has clinical problems requiring special care assistance, within a few meters, he can be transported from the delivery room to the neonatal pathology, equipped with tools in order to provide a sub-intensive therapy. -- (Download article)

La Voce di Rovigo - Sunday, February 13th 2011

COMPANIES - The ribbon-cutting ceremony at "San Valentino" hospital of Local Health Unit no.8 under revamping
Guerrato S.p.A. protagonist in Montebelluna.(TV)

The Company has completed the new inpatient ward that will be opened tomorrow from Mr. Luca Zaia (President of the Veneto Region).
ROVIGO There is a little bit of Rovigo inside the new inpatient ward at "San Valentino" Hospital in Montebelluna.
The five section facility, will be inaugurated tomorrow in presence of the President of the Veneto Region, Mr. Luca Zaia at 11 a.m., at Local Health Unit no.8 of Asolo and Montebelluna (TV). At the event will be present also the Bishop of Treviso, Archbishop Mr. Gianfranco Agostino Gardin and the General Manager of the Local Health Unit no. 8, Mr. Renato Mason. The facility is included in the intervention of the wider provision of project financing for the reconstruction of the Hospital and it has been built from the Guerrato S.p.A. Company, General Contractor of the awarding Temporary Business Association.
The new inpatient ward has been included within the already existing hospital of Montebelluna, and has been realized respecting the environment and saving the functional characteristics of the old hospital adjacent, which building will be demolished soon in order to complete the works (the new building, the main entrance and the new service area). Realized as a five section facility, the inpatient ward is divided longitudinally in five sectors for any floor and permits to maintain in the centre, the services accompanied from two parallel corridors and the inpatient rooms towards the outer edges. So, the floor results flexible, can include more coplanar areas, while the service area is easily accessible both by staff and patients. The light enters through central openings and trough both external sides, due to large windows.
The revamping of the Montebelluna's Hospital, together with the completion of Castelfranco Veneto's Hospital, has been possible due to project financing instrument, one of the most important executed in Italy in the Health care.
In April 2004 has been awarded the concession to Guerrato S.p.A. Company of Rovigo, leader of the Temporary Business Association the tender has been awarded, while in June 2004 has been created the Company "Asolo Hospital Service S.p.A.". In September 2004 the convention has been subscribed by the parts. In February 2005 begun the works in Castelfranco. Thanks to project financing the commitment was transferred to Asolo Hospital Service S.p.A., which, in turn obtained the 24 years management, obviously the private has the management of the services related to "non-core" business. -- (Download article)

La Voce di Rovigo - Thursday, January 13th 2011

MONTEBELLUNA (TV) The "five section model" has been realized by Guerrato Group.
Final operations inside the Hospital made in Rovigo

ROVIGO Almost completed the transfer of the patient to the hospital facility of Montebelluna realized by a company located in Rovigo. It has been concluded the third phase of the patients' transfer operations inside Montebelluna's Hospital (Treviso) towards the new hospitalization ward with "five section model". Since Monday10th of January 2011, the new "surgical area" at the third floor of the building, together with the new "physiokinesis therapy section" and the main entrance (ground floor), are currently running, with the ward "inpatient and medical area" (first floor) and with the new "medical and rehabilitation area" (second floor) already open on the 27th and 28th of December 2010 and 3rd of January 2011. The final removal as noticed on the calendar will take place on Monday 17th of January 2011 and will include the opening of the new "maternal and child area" with childbirth section" (fourth floor).
The actual facility of the "five section model" represents the first intervention in concession with a project financing directly realized by the company Guerrato S.p.A. inside a pre-existing hospital without disturbing the hospitalized patients. Built ex novo within 18th months, after demolishing the previous facility and fully respecting both the expenditures and timing specified by the project, the "five section model" of Montebelluna's Hospital, is absolutely the first public facility realized on the Veneto Region territory, according to the new technical regulations, concerning the earthquake-resistant buildings.
The primary "five section model" building plan, which privileges a coplanar distribution of the hospitalization areas and of the operational spaces for every department, helps its patients, visitors and medical staff, reaching the facility. The "five section model" in fact, is composed by 5 sectors for each floor: rooms for day-hospital and cures toward the external part, corridors and outpatient services in the centre and medical departments in the internal part. The south area, concluding, hosts the hospital chapel and a large meeting room. -- (Download article)

Il Sole 24 Ore - Monday, November 22nd 2010

The mission: create value over time
Guerrato, from designing of plants, to the Facility Management

Founded in 1935, today Guerrato is a remarkable entrepreneurial reality operating both on national and international markets, managed from the historical headquarter in Rovigo, which acts in the Project Financing and Facility Management sectors, in the Integrated Design, in the realization of civil works and technological and special plants, in the search and development of alternative sources of energy.
Starting from the designing and the execution of technological plants, traditional segment of its activity, Guerrato has faced with strong entrepreneurial spirit, the challenging of the last fifty years, investing strategically in the technical-productive internal management and in the search and development of instruments and advanced technologies for the energy savings and the renewable sources, integrated services and Facility Management, obtaining always more importance and market shares.
Present in Italy and abroad, Guerrato rely on a large team of technicians, composed by project managers, project engineers and by a compact productive sector with resources employed directly in national and international working sites.
The targets of development and economic growth have been pursued since the beginning, adopting policies and strategies with particular care of the safety aspects, perceived as features improving the competitiveness of the company.
The investment on safety, definitely grants the continuity of the activities and of services offered to the Customer and the respect of the working program, contributing to the creation of economies of scale.
Within the primary values of our mission, together with the health and safety of workers and of working sites, are pursued also the care and respect of the environment and the social responsibility, performing the different activities.
In the last decade Guerrato has choose an integrated management system, through which improving the managing of its processes and the quality of the goods and services offered. This path, brought the acquisition of important certifications: Guerrato, besides operating in a certified system, following the regulation Uni En Iso 9001:2008 (Quality), has integrated his management with the certifications Uni En Iso 18001:2007 (Health and safety), Uni En Iso 14001:2004 (Environment), Uni En Iso 13485:2004 (Medical devices) and Sa 8000.2001 (Social responsibility).
Thanks to an internal department operating for safety, health and environment, able to coordinate and involve all the levels of the production, from the project manager, to the workers, Guerrato prevents and carefully controls every activity on the working site, succeeding in the decreasing of numbers and risks of the accidents at work. -- (Download article)

Sole 24 Ore - October 19th, 2010

GUERRATO SPA, a Veneto Region excellence in the world.
High performances and flexibility for a market constantly evolving.

Established in Rovigo in 1935 Guerrato Spa is today a excellence of the Veneto Region in the world, leader in the sectors of Project Financing, Facility Management, Integrated Design, Realization of Civil Works, Technological and Special Plants, Research and Development of Alternative Sources of Energy.
Its history starts from technology, traditional business segment which Guerrato supported, investing strategically in the internal technical and productive management and in Research and Development of instruments and advanced technologies for the energy saving and renewable, for Integrated Services and Facility Management.
Always high focus towards the know-how and training of its human resources in the last fifty years, has granted a path of continuous growing and expansion which bestowed the Company the acquisition of a growing popularity and business community, gaining significant market shares.
Thanks to the development of the Technical and Real Estate Service Department, the Guerrato S.p.A. has signed many long-term contracts, both with Public and Private customers, in the tertiary as well in the delicate and complex hospital sector, segment of wide and historic reference.
Integrated Design and construction of many hospital facilities in Italy and abroad, the technical-managerial experience gained thanks to various contracts of Global Service managed in the last decade, the promotion and realization of projects regarding Project Financing made the Guerrato S.p.A. a qualified counterpart to analyze and solve any problem linked to Real Estates, able to perform with the maximum efficiency and timeliness in consulting roles, managerial and financial support, designing and realization of works, services provider and Main/General Contractor.
Once understood the strategic value of the Project Financing which answer the customers need to create Infrastructures without using its own financial resources, Guerrato S.p.A. has promoted studies together with important Universities both in Italy and in the United Kingdom; for this reason, it has been included among those Companies which have promoted and realized projects financing mainly in the Hospital Sector. Technical skill, design and managerial abilities, market competitiveness, analytical skill and financial support are fundamental conditions, that necessarily merged, identify the Guerrato S.p.A. both as a promoter and a dealer. Already chosen by many customers, both Private and Public, Guerrato guarantees a strong economic and financial balance, global quality, performance in the long-term relationship foreseen by the concession agreement, proactively responding to the flexibility requested for long-lasting negotiations.
The excellence and versatility the activity of Guerrato S.p.A., is confirmed by various works performed both on large hospitals facilities and buildings of remarkable value and historical importance. Inside the filed of Project Financing the Company has recently been protagonist in the construction of both Castelfranco and Montebelluna hospitals with the Local Health Unit no. 8 of Asolo (TV). In particular, the activity in Castelfranco concerned the completion of the Hospital technological area and the new inpatients department in addition to the creation of complementary facilities (the stand for the Air ambulance, access roads organization, realization of parking, new kitchens and meeting room) along with the managing of 12 services, not regarding the health care, in particular the integrated maintenance and management of the Technological Plants and maintenance of the complete medical equipments. Montebelluna's Hospital, it is near to its completion and those works have concerned the revamping of the existing facility and construction of a new department. Within the Global Service the Company enumerates many interventions inside Bassano del Grappa's Hospital. Guerrato S.p.A. also took care in restructuring valuable historical buildings, above all Malibran and Fenice, most famous Venetian Theatres. In the latter case, the Company have arranged the executive and detailed scheduling of the project design as well as the realization of the major mechanical plants, a/c conditioning systems, together with environmental conditioning systems, water and sanitation, fire-fighting, security and protection. Guerrato S.p.A. follows also the research and development of alternative sources of energy. It is near its completion also the Biofuel plant in Canda (RO). This plant includes the storage of biomass of natural organism, coming from agricultural sources, tanks (digestors) in which anaerobic bacteria turn biomass into methane and carbon dioxide, and a co-generator for the production of electricity and heat. The plant will power equal to 994 kW and will be connected directly with the electric power transmission with the future possibility to be connect also with a district heating. -- (Download article)

Corriere delle Opere, October 2010


Inside Bassano's Hospital the new sterilization central department will be effective shortly and will be equipped with an active air quality control for the automatic management of the air in order to continuously analyze the particulate.
The Department is divided into 4 areas with a controlled contamination: sterilized area (ISO 7), packaging area (ISO 8), clean area 1 and clean area 2.
The system assures the maintenance of the optimal functioning conditions of the different areas, starting from the analysis of all the variables which contribute to modify the microclimate: presence of people, volume of areas, sterilization equipment used, particulate concentration, differential pressure, temperature and RH, acting in real time on the regulation of the air quantity, on temperature values and humidity.
The new system vanquishes the restrictions of traditional systems because, operating with variables parameters, it preserves the air conditioning system in real time, following the different necessities of environmental safety, comfort and energy savings.
The data collection is based on the following parameters:
● dust concentration in the environment;
● differential pressure within contiguous environments;
● thermo hygrometers measures;
● presence of people;
● doors opening;
● conditions of filters;
The quantity of air, both emitted and aspirated, is managed accordingly the variation within the values of quality of the air, sampled in real time, in relation to the limit of maximum concentration of pollutants predetermined by the users. The "Guide Lines on the sterilization activity as a complete protection against biological agents, for the operator inside the health care facilities (Italian regulation D.Lgs 626/94)" from ISPESL (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Prevention) provide us fixed values of ACH to grant the protection of workers from the exposure to biological agents; today exist new systems of analysis which allow to constantly control the contamination. This information can be conveniently used as input in a dynamic control method for ventilation system. -- (Download article)

La Voce di Rovigo - October 3rd 2010

"Open Doors" the renovation
PALAZZO ANGELI Preview of the renovation of the historical building on October the 8th.

After three years almost concluded the renovation works to regain the original magnificence of the building.
ROVIGO Thanks to the restoration and renovation operations Palazzo Angeli, the historical eighteenth century building, located in the historical centre of Rovigo, recuperates its unique effulgence. The Companies carrying out the works (Guerrato, Opra Costruzioni, Sacaim) open the door on the 8th of October to allow the citizens to observe the progress of the restoration and preservation techniques which are giving back to the structure its capability and its historical-artistic value. "Palazzo Angeli Open Doors" wants to be the chance to disclose its doors to reveal itself through an exciting tour, between classics and innovation, in the most significant rooms of the renovated building.
An opportunity to confrontation that involves different professionals which works in this sector. The restoring operation, began in 2007, have a conservative nature, in order to return the ancient majesty of the frescos of Palazzo Angeli, a majestic aristocratic building, designed by the architect of Verona, Francesco Schiavi, heir of Sanmicheli, built in 1870 by the will of Angeli Counts. Since 1876 belongs to the City Hall which has it, over the years, as the headquarter for the prefecture and the police offices. The restoration has been characterized by a huge stratigraphic campaign as conclusion of a first careful visual investigation. Various samples which concern both the samples of the fragments from the pellicle of the frescos and more invasive investigation to identify different layers of the wall substrate as well as their morphology.
All this has permitted a more precise identification of the technique used by the artist, in addition to the classification of the binders and the nature of the pigments.
During the visitation, it will be possible to see the most significant rooms, first of all the noble hall. The frescos here, which on one side represent Orpheus and Eurydice, and on the other side Jupiter and Ixion, ascribed to Battista Canal, nephew of the more famous Canaletto. The stairwell which allow the entrance in the noble hall, it is composed by white marmorino, decorated by Basilio Serena, and with the massive balustrade made of Vicenza's stones together with the putti (one of them had been replaced by a lamppost in the early twentieth century) which represent the arts of painting and sculpture. At the beginning of the stairs, located inside a niche, you can admire the statue of Concord, by the sculptor of Verona Gaetano Mutoni.
Another particular interesting room is the one believed as the bridal chamber of the Angeli Counts. The characteristic of this room is given by the technique used by the artist, Vincenzo Gazzotto: on a blue background have been portrayed white grotesques and mythological tales that depict the story of Cupid and Psyche taking advantages with the use of templates and stencils. The tour continues in the gold room, so called because decorated with threads of golden leaves on a base of plaster standing out, decorations of polychrome grotesques.
The last room touched by this tour is painted with pink marmorino. The entire surface was covered by various layer of interventions hiding the originals marmorino, so they proceeded, then, eliminating those trace and restoring the marmorino with the colour more similar to the original one. A unique opportunity for the professionals to visit the open working site and to get a preview on the progress of the restoration. -- (Download article)

Il Mattino di Padova June 12th 2010

A CENTRE FOR HEALTH CARE SERVICES. The old District embedded in a hi-tech structure, that from yesterday arranging all the offices of the Local Health Unit no. 15.
CAMPOSAMPIERO. All the Local Health Unit Services, located in different headquarters, are now united into the new building of Cao del Mondo street, named in honor of Doctor Mr. Guido de Rossignoli. The 1st Northeast District, the nursing home care service, the territorial pharmaceutical service, the family counselling and infant neuropsychiatry services, are placed together, inside this new centre. Hence, the Department of Prevention (hygiene and public health, vaccinations and veterinary services, Legal Medicine and Spisal, which stands for Hygiene and Safety Service at place of work). It is an important stage of a project, carried out with long-sightedness and along with all the administrations said the General Manager of the Local Health Unit no. 15 Mr. Francesco Benazzi, before the Authorities. The work, realized from Guerrato S.p.A. a Company of Rovigo, it has been built with exceptional materials and details, with advanced plant technologies and with an air conditioning system with radiant ceilings panels, for an absolute comfort. With an expenditure of 8.23 million Euros, with more than 6 millions coming from the sale of a part of the area of the former agricultural consortium, bought with Regional funding. Both satisfied, the Mayor, Mr. Domenico Zanon and the former Mayor, Mr. Marcello Volpato, which consider the compensation for the transfer of property to the Local Health Unit, with the possibility to sell the ex consortium area, opening this innovative facility for the citizens. -- (Download article)

Progettare per la Sanit, June 8th 2010

Design for Health Care.
Guerrato, is included within the first Companies in Italy to arrange turn-key projects, with enhanced technology. The operating rooms are built with prefabricated modular systems, incorporating the most advanced technologies and materials high strength to physics and chemistry, prepared for integration and remote-control inside the room, with plants designed to grant the quality control of the air. The design allows the Company to coordinate all the construction works together with medical equipment and furniture to provide an highly functional and secure environment.

La Voce - Thursday, May 6th 2010

POLESINE TECHNOLOGIES OVERSEAS. A delegation of the Brazilian State of Esprito Santo visits the Guerrato Group.
ROVIGO- Polesine technology is gaining a strong importance inside the international markets. Guerrato Group of Rovigo, leader in the special and hazardous waste disposal treatment sector, yesterday received representatives from the Brazilian Government of the Espirito Santo State. The purpose of this visit was to take notice of the efficiency and value of the technologies and innovations into the entrepreneurial reality sector of Rovigo, in view of the possible usage of those technologies overseas. The delegation was led by the Vice Secretary of the State of Esprito Santo, Mr. Carlos Roberto de Lima, for this occasion together with a team of technicians properly arrived in Italy to collect all the information available about the facilities and the equipments produced by Guerrato Group. The meeting has been organized by the Italian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, presided by the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Luciano Feletto, arising as a starting point of a plan meant to export in Brazil innovative Italian technologies in the field of special waste disposal treatment. "Esprito Santo is between the five more developed State underlines the President it has a population of 7 millions people and thanks to a perfect administration and to the royalties of petrol, coffee and minerals, it is included within the few States of the South American Country showing an industrial vocation. For this reason continues Mr. Feletto it took this opportunity to learn more about the technologies developed by the Guerrato Group, exclusive and innovative technologies, but still unknown in Brazil".
Not only a formal visit, but finalized to a future acquisition of equipments from the City Hall Consortium of the Brazilian State. "Into the Esprito Santo State have been designed five ecologic areas, in which they will attempt to use the best equipments existing and there are excellent chances, in particular for the Guerrato Group, to be the supplier", says Mr. Luciano Feletto.
After the brief sojourn in Rovigo, the Brazilian delegation will continue its visit to other cities of Veneto Region, to study some dedicated locations and ecologic areas. Expected also other meetings, with the Associations of Category of Rovigo and with other local Institutions. -- (Download article)

Il Gazzettino - Wednesday, May 5th 2010

NODARI PALACE. Closer trade between Brazil and Polesine. Mayor Mr. Merchiori meets a Brazilian delegation.
ROVIGO - Mayor Mr. Fausto Merchiori, together with City Planning Counselor, Mr. Luigi Osti, yesterday morning at Nodari Palace in Rovigo, met a delegation of Brazilian entrepreneurs, guests of Guerrato S.p.A.. The Brazilian delegation, coming from the State of Esprito Santo, was guided by the Vice Secretary of State, Mr. Carlos Roberto de Lima designated to City Planning, with the President of the Italian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Luciano Feletto.
The group is in Rovigo, to acquire knowledge and technologies able to help their own territory, a noteworthy State for the exportation of coffee and fruits, leader in the marble sector. In Brazil the Guerrato company invested considerably in a long-term project. Mayor remarked this great opportunity both for the Company and for the whole city of Rovigo: "Guerrato S.p.A. is one of the pride of our territory and to count on a such a qualified representative is certainly very important. We are glad of this strong relationship with Brazil", says the first selectman. -- (Download article)

European Business Journal - Monday, November 16th 2009

As general contractor in the construction industry, GUERRATO S.p.A. unites all of the expertise required to get building projects off the ground and completed. It is accustomed to being the sole party responsible for the entire building process. This expertise has been channelled particularly into the construction of hospitals and clinics including outfitting with all technical equipment. A family-owned company since the beginning, GUERRATO continues to boast the qualities of flexibility, rapid decision making and flat hierarchies that this implies. As the company has grown in both confidence and scope, so too have its activities.
GUERRATO came into being shortly after the end of the Second World War. The GUERRATO family still owns all the shares in the company and is actively involved in its day-to-day management. Its focus has always been on property development and general contracting although its emphasis on the health sector only started around 30 years ago. Since then, however, the company has developed an incomparable expertise in this sector so that it now accounts for around 90% of its business. "Our turnkey solutions encompass every step in the process from breaking the first sod on a green field site to cutting the ribbon on a fully equipped medical facility". says Vice President Mr. Pier Renzo Olivato. Over the years the company has completed more than 80 hospitals and clinics in Italy and abroad.
With such a wide portfolio of reference objects, GUERRATO has established itself as a leading player in its niche. The expertise required to execute such complex projects cannot be acquired overnight and means that it faces relatively little competition in its niche. "It takes time to develop as we have done and lean the ropes of this market", insists Mr. Olivato. "We now have a solid body of work that we can point to with pride when bidding for new contracts". In addition, GUERRATO has also expanded its activities portfolio. Besides general contracting, the company has offered facility management services for the last decade. These services typically include technical management of a variety of building functions, such as fire protection, health and safety audits, and service and maintenance of technical infrastructure, such as air conditioning, IT and utilities.
Around 30,000 beds in hospitals and clinics in Italy and abroad are managed in this fashion.
Although the medical sector is GUERRATO's main focus, the company has also applied its expertise to other buildings. It can also point to successfully completed projects in the industrial and artistic arenas.
Amongst its references in these arenas are the factory where the Galileo space telescope was built and reconstruction of Italy's biggest theatre the La Fenice Theatre in Venice.
Other interesting projects include the Grand Hotel Cosmos in Brazzaville, Congo, and the Grand Hotel Intercontinental in Paris, France. Another growing niche is the construction of research facilities, and the company has already completed the new European Academy in Bolzano, Italy, and the VEGA Nanotechnology Institute in Mestre, Italy. In order to tackle such a wide range of projects in such geographically diverse locations, GUERRATO relies on a broad network of locations both at home and abroad. The company is represented throughout Italy as well at strategic locations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America. It employs more than 100 project managers as well as 40 project engineers and can call on a production staff of more than 1,200 people who are directly involved at domestic and foreign work sites. Worldwide the company has around 360 permanent employees. "We have been very careful in selecting markets to expand into", says Mr. Olivato. "We tend to orient ourselves to markets which are far from saturated in terms of infrastructure but where the political and economic situation is stable. For a long time, this has meant that Middle East as been our main focus. We are now turning our attention increasingly to Eastern Europe, where we are carrying out extensive market research to prepare the way for future activities".
If GUERRATO is extremely careful before extending itself geographically, it has also been cautious in expanding its fields of activity. Besides project development, it now offers project financing. "Thanks to our experience in the area of project development, we are confident that the investments we make in financing projects are well-placed and will be profitable for us", says Mr. Olivato.
GUERRATO has offered this particular service for the last five years on projects it has won the contract to construct and manage. In this way it is able to offer its clients advantageous terms as well as continuity of service. The hospital sector is particularly suited to this model as its requirements rarely remain static. As technology evolves, infrastructure, and the built environment must evolve to keep pace. This means that GUERRATO constantly returns to previously realised projects to implement changer necessitated by improvements in technology. The final area of activity pursued by GUERRATO could not be more up to date of vital to the future of the planet: alternative energy generation. The company is able to offer services in this area that cover the design, funding research, realization and subsequent management and maintenance of plants generating solar thermal or geothermal energy and photovoltaic power or electricity from liquid biofuels or biomass.
This is an area that is bound to grow in significance in the future as companies seek to reduce their carbon footprint by switching to renewable sources of electricity and heat energy. This is an issue that as far-reaching implications related to international efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and reverse climate change.
Clearly GUERRATO owes a great deal of its success to the experience and expertise of its workforce.
However, the company management can also be credited with a significant share of this success. By channelling this expertise into promising and profitable niche markets, GUERRATO has succeeded in dominating these niches and transposing this pre-eminence to the international stage. In doing so it has earned itself a deserved reputation as a solver of complex problems. -- (Download article)

Gazzettino - Wednesday, November 11th 2009

ROVIGO'S COMPANIES IN FIRST-LINE FOR HEALTH. Guerrato is included in the project to revive the former Guicciardini's Hospital.
Also the GUERRATO S.p.A. will participate in the Geo Oikos' Exposition in Verona. A prestigious showcase for the project to convert the former Guicciardini's Hospital of Valdobbiadene into a Rest Home for elderly people, in which Guerrato is the Lead Company and Sebastiano Favero is the designer. This intervention will be hosted in the first edition of the event, promoted by the Veneto Region and scheduled for today and tomorrow at the Verona' Exposition. The project of the former Hospital of Valdobbiadene presented at Geo-Oikos provides among the most significant aspects, the construction of a new residential building, the recovery of the pavilion for the Vigilance, district and polyclinic's activities with a central building and the realization of a green space around it. For the Local Authorities, designers and Companies involved, the invitation of the Veneto Region, to this exhibition, is an important acknowledgment, which emphasizes the design chosen, inspired by quality, innovation and sustainability of work. Geo-Oikos is an expo, that aims to become an annual territorial marketing, aimed to encourage debate and collaboration between, both, public and private, involved in urban and territorial planning, design, major infrastructures and services. During the exhibition will be presented works projects already undertaken or to be realized in the Region, while the areas of interest are urban and country planning, major and mobility infrastructures, environment, nature and energy. -- (Download article)

La Voce - Tuesday, November 10th 2009

THE PROJECT. Guicciardini's Hospital: GUERRATO will manage it.
ROVIGO The project for the reconversion of the former Hospital of Valdobbiadene (TV), presented into "Geo-Oikos" the Regional Fair which takes place in Verona, the important intervention is managed by GUERRATO S.p.A. from Rovigo. A prestigious showcase for the project to reconvert the former Guicciardini's Hospital of Valdobbiadene into a Rest Home for elderly people, in which identifies Guerrato as the Lead Company for the execution of the project. This intervention, indeed, will be hosted in the first edition of the event, promoted by the Veneto Region and scheduled for today and Thursday. The project of the former Hospital of Valdobbiadene provides, among the most significant aspects, the construction of a new residential building for the elderly, the recovery of the pavilion for the Vigilance, district and polyclinic's activities with a central building and the realization of a green space around it. Designer and Managing Director is the engineer Sebastiano Favero with Bruno Mondini, Secretary and Director of the San Gregorio's Institutes, as Project Manager.
For the Local Authorities, designers and Companies involved, the invitation of the Veneto Region, to this exhibition, is an important acknowledgment, which emphasizes the design chosen, inspired by quality, innovation and sustainability of work. Geo-Oikos it is a Fair, which attempts to become a moment of annual territorial marketing, to encourage debate and collaboration between, both, public and private, involved in urban and territorial planning, design, major infrastructures and services. During the exhibition will be presented other projects already undertaken or still to be realized in the Region, while the areas of interest are urban and country planning, major and mobility infrastructures, environment, nature and energy. -- (Download article)

La Voce - Wednesday, October 14th 2009

L'AQUILA HOSPITAL RESTORED IN ONE MONTH - The Guerrato S.p.A. has finished three pavilions of the hospital very quickly.
ROVIGO - The Guerrato company needed only one month, honestly 28 days, to complete three pavilions of the San Salvatore Hospital for the Local Health Unit of L'Aquila, severely damaged by the earthquake of April 2009. "With shift works of 24 hours a day and with a strong competence achieved in more than 70 years of technical and managerial experience in many hospital facilities around the world, the company has made available, with special care for the latest seismically safe systems, an area of more than 10 thousand square meters, where radiology, gynecology, maternity and neurology departments and other wards, are located".
Guerrato's commitment into L'Aquila hospital is not finished yet. The Company, indeed, is working "absolutely rapidly in the recovery of the clinic and analysis laboratory, in order to revamp other pavilions for oncology, dermatology and neurosurgical departments, untill the complete agibility of the hospital facility.
Guerrato S.p.A., specialized in the construction of various and important hospitals in Italy and abroad, has received many expressions of gratitude and consent from citizens and istitutions, because of the strong efficiency demonstrated". -- (Download article)

Gazzettino - Wednesday, October 7th 2009

GUERRATO & SOLIDARITY - L'Aquila, the company has built three pavilions of the hospital.
Not only the volunteers of the Civil Defence, gave their aid to earthquake victims in L'Aquila. In Polesine to demonstrate all the operational solidarity in order to facilitate the process of "normalization" of the life of the entire community, was present also the GUERRATO S.p.A., a company located in Rovigo, that operates internationally, in the fields of general contractor, project financing, integrated design, technological plants, civil engineering and research and development of alternative sources of energy. The GUERRATO S.p.A. distinguished itself by the elevate speed in the work execution, in just 28 days, of restructuring and rebuilding of three halls of the "San Salvatore" hospital, seriously damaged by the earthquake and even managing to bring forward the schedule for implementation. With shift works of 24 hours a day, the company has made available an area of over 10,000 square meters. -- (Download article)

La Tribuna di Treviso - Sunday, July 26th 2009

la tribuna di Treviso July, 26th 2009 page 24 section: PROVINCE
CASTELFRANCO. Castelfranco will be a model for Bucharest. In Romania new operating theatres will be realized following those available in Castelfranco's Hospital. Those operating theatres, will be realized by the Company Leader within those who will win the tender for the Project Financing. The Board of Directors of the Local Health Unit n. 8, announced it yesterday, in presence of Prof. Mr. George Iana, the General Manager of the City Hall and University Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, who was visiting the San Giacomo Hospital. Mr. Luciano Guerrato, an entrepreneur of Rovigo, as General Contractor of those Companies which have completed the building in Castelfranco, will realize those operating theatres. The builders of the San Giacomo Hospital will be committed in Romania. Yesterday, at 10.30 a.m., Prof. George Iana, together with the General Manager of the Local Health Unit, Prof. Renato Mason, visited some of the excellence reality in the hospital of the city. The Hospital managed by Prof. Iana in Bucharest, together with other four districts, grants a medical support to about two and a half millions of Romanian citizens. Ensures the most critical phase, that of emergency. During his visit the Prof. Iana, could examine, besides the new cyclotron, also the operating theatres, the Departments of Radiology, sector in which he's specialized in Romania, Cardiology, the Emergency Room and the Department of Paediatrics, innovative in its design and organization. The different structures of the Hospital, above all the coplanar organization regarding the critical area, have been presented by Dr. Mrs Paola Corziali, Medical Director of the Local Health Unit n. 8, and the Manager of the Hospital, Dr. Mrs Annamaria Brosolo. In the operating theatres Prof. Iana could verify, while in action, the efficiency of one of the most modern structures in Europe. The nature of this operating theatres will be copied for the one in Bucharest. For this reason Mr. Luciano Guerrato was present too. With its 250 thousand of users and 2.600 workers, the Local Health Unit n.8 has shown a great capability to compete both with Europe and the World. More than ten percent of the patients, indeed, are non-Italian residents. In this direction have been afforded so many important opportunities for innovation, that nowadays San Giacomo Hospital is able to present itself as a model also for other Health Care systems. [...] -- (Download article)

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