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15/11/2007 - Castelfranco Hospital inauguration

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The Project Financing, through a relationship that binds in a useful collaboration, both private and public, dividing equally all the risks between the partners, ensuring a certain cash flow, has allowed the realization of the hospital in just 3 years.

The licensor, Local and Social Health Unit (ULSS n. 8 of Asolo, TV) played an important role both in projects and in the realization and performed an active role in the coordination of the different public bodies (Veneto region, City Hall, Fire Department, Civil Engineers etc...) and has controlled the respect of the contract with its technical and sanitary bodies.

The licensee, Asolo Hospital Service S.p.A. (A.H.S.), a Company created by GUERRATO S.p.A., together with: Studio Andreatta Ingegneria Civile, CoopService S. Coop. p. A., Servizi Italia S.p.A., In Concerto S.c.s.r.l., Sat System S.r.l., Camst Soc. Coop. a r. l., has developed the building and plant design.

The investment, will be obtained managing for 24 years, 12 services (energy, medical equipment maintenance, preparation and distribution of food, cleaning and sanitation, civil works maintenance, lifts maintenance, vigilance, computer system maintenance, sterilization) following a coherent project within the highest quality standards already existent, implemented by the qualified members who already work within the Health Care organization.

Castelfranco Hospital inauguration
The Project Financing, through a relationship that binds in a useful...
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