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About Us

Guerrato S.p.A. is a well-established entrepreneurial reality, that entered the Italian market in 1935 and is present today, at an International level in the following Sectors:

The company counts several operating offices, in three Continents and employs more than one hundred project managers, forty project engineers and a production staff of 1200 units directly involved in domestic and foreign Work Sites.

Starting from planning and realization of Technological Plants, which is its traditional area of activity, GUERRATO faced the competition with the challenges of the last fifty years, with increasing entrepreneurial spirit, investing strategically in the internal technical-productive management and in the Research & Development of state of the art tools, Technologies, in the Energy Saving and in the RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES, in the Integrated Services and in the Facility Management, gradually obtaining widespread consensus and important market shares.

Real estate technical management and Services are, indeed, the subject of important Agreements spanning over several years, executed between Guerrato and public and private Companies, both in the tertiary sector and, above all, in the sensitive and complex hospital sector, an historical area of competence of the company.

Not only this. Integrated Design and the Hospital realization (more than 80 hospital structures in Italy and abroad), the technical-managerial experience, developed following the numerous Global Service agreements executed in the last ten years or so, together with the promotion and execution of Project Financing programs, make Guerrato, today, a qualified counterpart, for the study and solution to any problem, concerning Real Estate Assets, by providing consultancy, management and financial support, work planning and construction, general Services and acting as a Main/General Contractor.